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Buying engagement ring in San Francisco

Want to buy an engagement ring in San Francisco?

What Price Love or How to Buy an Engagement Ring in San Franciso?
Recently, my best friend's boyfriend asked me to help him pick out an engagement ring for my friend. He had already pored through the Tiffany collection and found a gleaming 1.49 carat brilliant-cut diamond ring for $19,200. It was a beautiful ring, but I knew that my friend would cringe at spending nearly $20,000 on a piece of jewelry, even a sentimental engagement ring. With today's trend of staging elaborate marriage proposals and weddings, it just doesn't make sense to begin married life with tens of thousands of dollars in extra bills for one engagement ring.

Making Your Money Count
There's no doubt about it, the Tiffany ring was gorgeous, but there are plenty of exquisite rings in the world that don't place engaged couples in debt. Truly fine regional jewelers and jewelery designers offer equally stunning engagement rings at less than half the price. If it's important to have the Tiffany name on an engagement ring, consider visiting a local jewelry store that buys diamond rings from individuals. They may have a selection of Tiffany engagement rings at a fraction of the retail price. Trusted local jewelers, such as Elite Fine Jewelry in San Francisco, showcase spectacular engagement rings at amazingly low prices. They offer the ultimate in commitment for the long-term: magnificent rings that make brides feel special without miring new marriages in useless debt.

Where Should the Money Be Spent?
The engagement ring is just the beginning of a wedding's mammoth expense. Some men spend thousands of dollars on the proposal itself, from creating custom proposal films shown at a movie theater to popping the question on live television. Add to that the average $25,000 cost of a wedding and an average $5,000 honeymoon, and couples today face the start of their lives together with astonighingly excessive bills.

Making smart decisions about spending on engagement rings, proposals and weddings can still honor love, commitment and grand gestures without jeopardizing a couple's financial freedom. Stop by Elite Fine Jewelry today to check out gorgeous engagement rings at a fraction of the designer-brand price, and make the commitment to a harmonious, financially sound future.

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