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Selling Unwanted Diamonds in San Francisco

How to Sell Unwanted Diamonds in San Francisco?


Getting Top Dollar for Your Unwanted Diamonds
Diamonds may be a girl's best friends, but they can also be unwanted reminders of old relationships and out-dated fashions. Selling old diamonds is easier than ever, whether you choose to use classified or online ads or you prefer to sell to a local jewelry store. Here are a few tips on how to sell your unwanted diamonds for the highest possible reward.

Establishing Value
In a perfect world, you would have your diamonds cleaned and appraised before selling them on the open market. In the real world, though, you may be looking to earn as much cash as possible and can't afford to spend any money prior to a sale. If an appraisal is out-of-the-question, visit a few local pawnshops and jewelry buyers for an estimate of what they would pay you for your jewelry. Use those estimates to guide you in setting your price.

Advertising in a newspaper or listing diamonds on online auction or community sites offer several benefits and drawbacks. Ads and online listings are more likely to yield higher selling prices than pawnshops, but don't offer the protection and stability afforded by a local business. 

Classified ads in local newspapers can be relatively inexpensive, but you'll pay by the line so keep descriptions brief. For maximum safety, meet potential buyers in a safe, public spot. Online auctions and consignment sites eliminate most personal privacy and safety worries, but may take more time to sell your diamonds. If you are looking to make quick cash for diamonds, you may prefer other alternatives.

Pawnshops are available in most communities and can offer diamond sellers a stable, safe place to take unwanted jewelery. Particularly in bigger cities where demand is higher, pawnshop often employ knowledgeable brokers who know and understand the value of your diamond jewelry. On the downside, pawnshops are in business to make money. As such, they may offer you less than the actual value of the diamonds so that they can make a profit. 

Diamond and Gold Buyers
Some local jewelers buy unwanted jewelry and are excellent alternatives to selling your pieces to an unknown mail-based gold buyer. Look for jewelers with an established history and a solid reputation for treating customers fairly. They offer excellent options for earning quick cash and providing a safe, private place to do business. In the Bay Area, reputable stores like Elite Fine Jewelry pay top dollar for unwanted diamond, gold, platinum and silver jewelry and have 30 years of jewelry-industry experience.

With a little research, you can pass on your unwanted diamonds to someone who will love and cherish them, while making money in the process. Visit or call Elite Fine Jewelry today to find out how much money you can make on your unwanted jewelry.


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