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How much to spend on engagement ring in SF?

August 5, 2013

Making smart decisions about spending on engagement rings, proposals and weddings can still honor love, commitment and grand gestures without jeopardizing a couple's financial freedom. 

Getting Top Dollar for Your Unwanted Diamonds

August 17, 2013

With a little research, you can pass on your unwanted diamonds to someone who will love and cherish them, while making money in the process. Visit or call Elite Fine Jewelry today to find out how much money you can make on your unwanted jewelry.

Clean Your Sterling Silver for Optimum Shine

August 22, 2013

To keep your sterling silver jewelry from tarnishing quickly once it's shining again, wrapped in a tarnish-prevention cloth or bag and store it in a cool, dry spot. The treated cloth and bags prevent your jewelry from scraping up against other, harder jewelry and slows tarnishing.

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