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What We Buy

We buy valuables you no longer want or need.

Your jewelry box may be worth a lot more than you think.  Gold, silver, diamonds and other precious metals are rising in price, making your old jewelry worth more than you might imagine.  Elite Fine Jewelry will help you get the most out of your old gold and jewelry.

 Whether it’s gold, silver, diamonds or any other type of fine jewelry, we will give you the best prices on your old, unwanted pieces and put more cash in your pocket than you thought possible. You can also exchange your pieces for new desings you can find in our store.

At Elite Fine Jewelry you can trade your jewelry for pieces or together we can create  new designs for you with your own gold that has sentimental value. Also, you can exchange your items for coins or bullions to protect your future and create a legacy for your heirs.

Cash for Gold SF


Are You Wondering Just What We Buy?

Our professional buyers are always on the lookout for gold, silver, diamonds, designer jewelry, luxury watches, rare coinsother fine jewelry, and precious metals.  If you’ve got any of the following items, we will be happy to take them off your hands and give you best prices for your items, whether they are new, old, broken, mismatched or just no longer needed.


What are We Currently Buying?

We are now buying the following items:

  • Gold Jewelry (bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces, etc.) from 10K to 24K

  • Class Rings

  • Gold Scrap and Dental Gold

  • Bracelets (charm bracelets, too)

  • Single or Mismatched Earrings

  • Broken Gold or Silver Jewelry (bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces, etc.)

  • Gold or Silver Coins (rare, common, foreign or domestic)

  • Gold and Silver Pendants and Lockets

  • Brooches

  • Cluster Gemstone Rings

  • Designer and Fine Jewelry

  • Diamond Jewelry (including engagement rings)

  • Luxury Watches

  • Gold, Silver or Platinum Bars, Ingots and Bullion



We’ll be glad to take any gold, silver or platinum item off your hands, and we’ll give you the best value for every item you bring us.  We will always deal with you fairly and transparently.  Our reputation is important to us, and so are you.  If you’ve ever thought about getting rid of that old jewelry that’s been in your drawer for years, we want you to come see us and let us make an offer for it.  


Are There Items We Won’t Buy?

There are some items that we do not wish to buy and, unfortunately, cannot take off your hands.  These items include:

  • Gold Plated Items (marked as GP)

  • Gold Filled Items (marked as GF)

  • Gold Electroplated Items (marked as GE)

  • Rolled Gold Plate Items (marked as RGP)

  • Electroplated Nickel Silver Items (marked as EPNS)

  • Heavy Gold Plate Items (marked as HE)

  • Gold Shell Items (marked as GS)

We do not currently accept any of these items.  If you have any questions regarding what type of item you have, we encourage you to bring it in.  We’ll look it over for you, determine if it’s something we can buy and if so, make an offer.


SF Gold Buyer
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