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SF Coin Buyer

Earn Maximum Prices from SF Coin Buyers 

Trust in the preferred San Francisco coin buyer to earn quick cash on your investment. With more than 30 years of experience in designing, appraising and buying jewelry, watches and coins, Elite Fine Jewelry is the trusted one-stop shop for all your jewelry and coin buying needs. With a commitment to educating its customers, Elite Fine Jewelry offers these tips to selling your coins for maximum profit and ease.

1. Know Your Coins' Value and Price
Often, there is a marked difference between your coin's value and its listed price. Know the precious metal content of your coin and check valuation charts online to review current values. Price guides usually give retail prices, which are often far higher than the coin's actual value, so thoroughly research your coin before offering it to a buyer.

2. Be Clear About Your Intent
Whether you just want an estimate, need to unload an entire collection or want to sell a coin so that you can buy a more expensive piece for your collection, be honest with your chosen buyer. Most reputable jeweler wants you to leave their stores satisfied. They are better able to offer you suitable options when you give them pertinent information about your coin collection plans.

3. Find a Reputable Buyer and Develop a Relationship
It seems self-evident, but when you find a good, trustworthy coin buyer, stick with him. Some buyers prefer to buy and sell certain kinds of coins. If those preferences fit with your collection, develop a solid customer relationship with that buyer that ensures long-term success for you both.

4. Look For Experience and High Standards
Most reputable jewelers have many years of experience in buying and selling jewelry, precious metals and coins and belong to professional trade organizations that establish strong ethical standards. Selecting a jeweler with that expertise and affiliation offers you assurance that you will be treated fairly and professionally.


Meeting all of those requirements, Elite Fine Jewelry is proud to be the preferred San Francisco coin buyer.

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