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SF Gold Buyer


A knowledgeable San Francisco gold buyer offers many advantages for those looking to make money on old, unwanted gold. Whether you have many gold pieces to sell or just a few, here are a few reasons you should choose our local jewelry store to buy your unwanted gold.

Quick Payouts
With a local jewelry store, you don't have to send your gold off in the mail and wait for an online gold buyer to get back to you about your gold's value. Similarly, placing your gold jewelry on an online auction or consignment site may take days, weeks or months to produce results. With Elite Fine Jewelry, you simply take the gold to the store during business hours where you'll receive a quick evaluation which will include chemical test  done infront of you. Once you agree on a price, we can offer you cash or cut you a check on the spot.

Establish a Relationship
Even with email and social media sites, it's easier to establish a trusting relationship with a jeweler when you can deal with him or her face-to-face. With us, it's easy to test the waters with a few pieces and then take in more gold once you've established a rapport.

Talk Isn't Cheap
Word spreads around town when a jeweler treats customers fairly and professionally. Likewise, if a local jewelry store offers substandard service, you are likely to hear about it. When you deal with a local jewelry store, you can be more assured of finding a buyer who offers top dollar and fair evaluations and estimates.

Spurring the Local Economy
Choosing to sell your gold to a locally owned and operated jewelry store keeps your business in the San Francisco community. Giving your business to a small jeweler helps preserve local small businesses and encourages competition with big box stores, chain stores and faceless online sites.

Why Elite Fine Jewelry
Offering more than 30 years of jewelry-industry experience, Elite Fine Jewelry is operated by knowledgeable gemologists, craftsmen, jewelry brokers and appraisers as well as buyers of estate watches and jewelry. Elite Fine Jewelry is your one-stop San Francisco gold buyer.

SF Gold Buyer
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