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 Fine Jewelry Buyer

What Can You Expect When You Sell Unwanted Jewelry?



What to expect when selling jewelry, coins and precious metals to a fine jewelry buyer may be shrouded in mystery for some, but Elite Fine Jewelry is proud to offer insight into the process. As a trusted jewelry designer, appraiser and buyer, Elite Fine Jewelry is dedicated to making the selling process transparent to its customers and the general public.

When you bring unwanted jewelry, old watches, precious metals and collectible coins into our reputable jewelry store, the expert will thoroughly evaluate your items. This evaluation will include chemical tests done in front of you and we will provide you with information regarding your pieces.

Market Research
Our jewelry buyers will investigate current market trends and values in determining an estimate of your jewelry's worth in our opinion. For coins, gold, silver, luxury watches and gemstones, the value may depend upon a variety of differing factors. Our reputable jewelry buyer will take the time to explain the market factors used  to determine the value. For precious metals an expert will also indicate what percentage of spot price they offer.

Above all, you should expect that our jeweler will explain the process of evaluating your jewelry, and if they aren't detailing the process, you should ask. Elite Fine Jewelry is pleased to serve the Bay Area with honest, fair and ethical evaluations of jewelry so that you understand precisely what to expect.

Making Money

Because of the variables involved in selling and buying items with fluctuating values, it's difficult to know how much you can expect to make on your old jewelry or gems. Once you factor in operational and processing costs, you can probably expect to earn 90% to full value on precious metals.


The value of luxury watches varies by current social trends, the brand of the watch, its condition and other factors. Status-heavy brands like Patek Philippe, Jaeger-LeCoulture, Rolex and other prestigious brands tend to hold their value, so you can expect to earn a higher rate of return than with other luxury watch brands.

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