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SF Watch Buyer 

We buy all types of watches. Men's and ladies

A reliable San Francisco watch buyer is one of your best sources for a growing watch collection.

Most watch buyers expect there to be some wear marks and repair issues with used watches and many will still buy the watches if they can easily be repaired and refurbished. Don't eliminate a possible source of income by assuming the watch is too badly worn.

Although an increasing number of online businesses specialize in buying used luxury watches, it can be daunting to send an expensive watch through the mail to an unknown source. In general, it can be just as profitable to take a premium watch to a knowledgeable local jeweler. Knowledgeable jewelers like Elite Fine Jewelry in San Francisco stay abreast of trends in jewelry and watch markets and can offer top dollar for valuable pieces.

With 30 years of experience, Elite Fine Jewelry is a cherished San Francisco jeweler with a well-deserved reputation for fairness, expertise and superior customer service. Call or drop by Elite Fine Jewelry today to see why they are a preferred San Francisco watch buyer.

Watches Buyer SF
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