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Sell Coins In San Francisco. 

Experts buy and sell coins in San Francisco to develop and refine high-end coin collections worth tens of thousands of dollars and more. Each year, more than $10 billion are spent on collectible coins in the U.S., making it a terrific investment as well as an appealing avocation. Whether you are starting a coin collection as a fun family hobby or you want to collect coins as a way to build wealth, here are a few pointers to help you begin your coin portfolio.

First, Start Small
Open up that dresser-top jar full of coins and pore through your coin purse for wheat pennies minted from 1909 to 1958. Although their value isn't going to pay for your kids' college tuition, they contain higher copper content than today's pennies and have a greater value in copper than they do in face value. The exercise will also reveal whether combing through coins is an activity you enjoy.

Mint Conditions
Next, register with the US Mint and buy a proof set or two. Many coin collecting experts recommend starting with the US Mint's silver proof sets because they give new collectors access to both the precious metals and numismatics markets. The US Mint is also a terrific source of information on the terminology used in coin collecting and ways to develop a collection.

Baby Steps or Giant Leaps?
It's up to you and your budget whether you want to jump right into the collecting fray or you want to ease your way into the hobby. Either way, educate yourself before you buy coins for your collection. There are a variety of guidebooks available, reputable online resources, clubs and cell phone applications that can provide you information about various coins, coin values, silver content and current silver market prices.

Increasing Your Collection's Value
As time goes by, you may want to sell some of your coins to finance the addition of more valuable coins to your collection. In the Bay Area, collectors can turn to Elite Fine Jewelry for fair offers and top dollar on their unwanted coins. With more than 30 years of experience and countless satisfied customers, Elite Fine Jewelry is one of the best places to sell coins in San Francisco.

Selling Coins SF
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