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Sell Watches

Make Money With Old Luxury Watches

Sell watches in San Francisco to make room in your budget and wardrobe for updated, stylish timepieces. Most status- and style-conscious professionals in San Francisco understand the power of a high-end watch in establishing the appearance of success. Rather than let outdated or less worthy watches inhibit your panache, sell them for quick cash at a local reputable jewelry store like Elite Fine Jewelry.

What Types of Watches Can I Sell?
Most of the best names in watchmaking earn the best offers at local jewelry stores, but some lesser-known brands and styles may be worth something as well. Popular brands that tend to earn top dollar include:

  • Rolex,

  • Cartier,

  • Omega,

  • Patek Philippe,

  • Audemars Piguet,

  • Jaeger-LeCoultre,

  • Tag Heuer,

  • Breitling,

  • Piaget and

  • Van Cleef & Arpels.

Don't despair if your watch brand isn't on this list. A variety of other brands may have significant value, so check with a jeweler to find out what kind of value your treasured old timepiece may have.

A Little Wear is Okay
Most used luxury watches need a little polishing, repair or refurbishment, so don't fret if your watch is a little worn around the edges. Jewelers often will purchase broken watches if they can be easily repaired or polished. 

How Can I Be Sure to Make the Most Money Possible?
Short of immersing oneself in the used and vintage watch market, those wanting to make quick cash by selling a luxury watch should take it to a valued jeweler. Many Bay Area jewelry stores buy premium watches, so it's advisable to select a jewelry store like Elite Fine Jewelry that has a consistent reputation for good rates and fair dealings. Elite also offers long-term experience in the jewelry and watch industry. 

It's easy to earn quick cash for an old luxury watch. Call Elite Fine Jewelry today to find out how you can sell watches in San Francisco for top dollar.

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