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Sell Silver

Sell sivler in San Francisco

With Silver, The Key Is to Know What You're Selling
Eliminate uncertainty when you sell silver in San Francisco by learning a few simple facts about the precious metal. Whether you are looking for extra cash, clearing out an estate or simply organizing your life, selling old or unwanted silver in the Bay Area can be lucrative if you know what you are doing.

Dollar Bills for Ounces of Silver
While the silver market fluctuates, current silver prices are excellent. While gold may be dropping, much of silver's value is in its industrial applications. From electronics to solar panels, half of today's silver use is for industrial products. This consistent demand for silver makes it an open market for scrap.

Silver or Sterling Silver?
It's okay if you don't know whether your items are pure or sterling silver. Most jewelry made with pure silver carry a hallmark of ".999" or "99/100" to indicate that it is 99.9 percent pure. Sterling silver contains 7.5 percent copper or other metals, so its markings may show as variations of ".925" or "SS."

Sterling Silver Items
Sterling is much more common than pure silver and is frequently found in:

  • Flatware,

  • Platters and serving sets,

  • Jewelry,

  • Coins,

  • Candleholders,

  • Chains and

  • Silver-plated circuit boards.

Where to Take Your Silver
Dealing with a reputable buyer is critical to getting the most money from your items. While it may be tempting to mail old silver to an online buyer, it may be safer to deal with a local buyer. Many jewelers purchase silver for its scrap value, and because most of the silver purchased will be melted down, the condition of your silver is not critical.

One of San Francisco's most treasured jewelry stores, Elite Fine Jewelry, offers a reputation for treating customers fairly, offering top dollar for silver and acquiring three decades of experience in the jewelry industry. Call or drop by Elite Fine Jewelry today to find out how easy it is to sell silver in San Francisco.

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