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Sell Diamonds

Sell Diamonds.

Sell diamonds in San Francisco to earn quick cash and create space in your life for new jewelry and new memories. Diamonds may last forever, but the relationships they celebrate sometimes don't. Whether you are looking to move forward from an old relationship or merely making room in your overcrowded jewelry cabinet, selling unwanted diamonds may be a positive step financially and emotionally.


Why sell diamonds now?
The benefits of selling old and unwanted diamonds are compelling. Retail diamond prices are on the rise and nearing their highest prices since Pricescope, an online diamond and jewelry community, began tracking rates in 2007. 

With the price rise and a renewed interest in vintage and antique jewelery, reputable jewelers around the country are looking for diamonds of varying sizes and interesting settings. Many jewelers now advertise that they buy gold and diamonds, so it's relatively easy to find buyers for your diamonds.

Finally, many jewelers issue immediate cash or checks for your diamonds. The process is extremely simple and is a boon for those needing a quick influx of cash.

Types of Diamonds to Sell
Jewelers will buy diamonds from all types of jewelery and a few unexpected sources. Take a look around your house, and you may find diamonds in places you never thought about. Here are a few likely items containing diamonds:

  • Rings

  • Clip-on and pierced earrings

  • Pendants

  • Bracelets

  • Watches

  • Anklets

  • Nose, belly and tongue rings and

  • Picture frames and other commemorative items.

Where to Sell Your Diamonds
For the best value, take your diamonds to a trusted jeweler. If you don't already have a relationship with a local jewelery store, now is a good time to do a little research. Find a local jeweler like Elite Fine Jewelry that is known for treating customers fairly, has many years of experience and belongs to an association that requires stringent ethical standards. With a reputable jewelery store like Elite Fine Jewelry, it's never been easier to sell diamonds in San Francisco.

Selling Diamonds SF
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