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Sell Gold

Sell your gold. Earn cash today. 

Sell gold in San Francisco to convert your old gold pieces into crisp, green dollar bills. You can make the most of your your gold-selling experience with these three easy steps.

Step One: Gather It All Together
Your first stop will undoubtedly be your jewelry cabinet. Gather old gold chains, unmatched earrings, rings and any other unwanted gold jewelry. If you are taking your gold to a local jewelry store like Elite Fine Jewelry, it's okay if your jewelry has precious gems or other stones. You may also have some pieces in your jewelry box that may or may not be gold. Bring those pieces, too, so that the jeweler can evaluate them. 

Your jewelry box isn't the only place you may have valuable gold. Look around your house for items that may have gold content, such as:

  • Dental fillings and teeth

  • Commemorative or collectible items

  • Coins

Step Two: Check Your Expectations
Don't plan to make millions off your unwanted gold. It may seem as if you are taking in a huge pile of gold, but it may only be a few ounces once it's melted down. Check your jewelry for stamps that indicate your jewelry's gold content so that you have an idea of what you are selling. Then look up the current gold spot price online or ask your local jeweler. 

Step Three: Check Out Your Options
From online auctions to gold-buying events, there are plenty of ways to sell your gold. For many, the safest and quickest way to sell is at a reputable local jewelry shop. Choose a jewelry store that has many years of experience, a reputation for treating customers respectfully and fairly and an open attitude to providing you with the information you need.

Elite Fine Jewelry offers San Franciscans 30 years of experience, a host of satisfied customers, superior service and top dollar on gold. Call Elite Fine Jewelry today to find out how much money you can make when you sell gold in San Francisco.

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